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C++17 - The Complete Guide

Additional Errata of the CppCon Edition

January 1, 2020

This is the additional errata of the special CppCon edition of the book C++17 - The Complete Guide by Nicolai M. Josuttis.
It covers all errors that were only found in that edition.

Please, also look at the basic errata of the first edition, which covers all isuues of both the 1st and the CppCon edition.

The errata is organized in the following way:
- The first part lists technical errors
- The second part lists typos

Usually the latest electronic version covers all issues of this errata.


Page 81, 9.1.2 Deducing the Type of Lambdas 2019-08-29

Add "If the counter for the calls is atomic, " before "You could also use parallel algorithms".



To have the printed version of this edition available at CppCon 2019, I had to send a version to the printer where not all proof reading was done yet. Therefore, in the second part of the printed CppCon Edition you will find several formulations that are no proper English.
For this reason, I only list a few significant typos here.
The electronic version of the CppCon Edition was completely proof read (so that hopefully only a few issues are left).

Page 9, 1.2.3, std::array: Replace the 2nd to 4th usage of
a += 10
e += 10
i += 10
m += 10

Page 183, 18.2.2, I/O with std::byte: The binary output of value 42 is 00101010.

Page 321, 27.1.1, std::scoped_lock, last paragraph: s/ that adopt locks mutexes / that adopt the locked mutexes /

Page 324, 27.3 Cache-Line Sizes, first paragraph: s/ the same amount of memory has to be synchronized / the memory of the cache line has to be synchronized /

Page 376, 30.2.2 Implementing Type-Specific operator new(): s/ If the default alignment is 32 (or less and the code compiles), / If the default alignment is 32 (or more and the code compiles), /

Page 408, 34.5, Afternotes: s/ by by / by / (twice)

Page 434, 36.4.2, Concrete Derived Classes: s/ move() and delete() / move() and draw() /

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